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“I like this goddamn country, you know that? …It is the first place I was ever treated like a goddamn man.”

William Gardner Smith about the experience of black GIs in Germany, from The Last of the Conquerors (1948)



New Documentary:
"Ein Hauch von Freiheit" (Breath of Freedom)
December 16, 10:05pm CET on Arte
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"Breath of Freedom: Black Soldiers and the Battle for Civil Rights" (narrated by Cuba Gooding, Jr.)
Premiers February 17, 8pm ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel
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"Freed's enduring photos of march part of exhibit"
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Article by
Sophie Lorenz:
„Heldin des anderen Amerikas“
Die DDR-Solidaritätsbewegung
für Angela Davis, 1970–1973.
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New Film:
"The West Point -
Vassar College Initiative"
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A Breath of Freedom
By Maria Höhn &
Martin Klimke
Palgrave Macmillan October 2010
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Maria Höhn Wins DAAD/GSA Prize for the Best Article in the German Studies Review

gsr_coverMaria Höhn, who teaches German history at Vassar College and is the co-director of a joint research initiative and digital archive by the German Historical Institute, Washington DC, Vassar College and the Heidelberg Center for American Studies on "The Civil Rights Struggle, African American GIs, and Germany," is the winner of this year's DAAD/GSA prize for the best article in the German Studies Review for her contribution, "The Black Panther Solidarity Committees and the Voice of the Lumpen" (German Studies Review XXXI, no. 1 (February 2008): 133-154).

The prize is funded by the North American office of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and carries an award of $500. Recipients are selected every two years by a German Studies Association committee, alternating among the different academic disciplines represented in the association, this year consisting of Anthony Steinhoff (History Department, University of Tennessee), Andrew Bergerson (History Department, University of Missouri), and Angelika von Wahl (Department of Political Science, San Francisco State University).

The director of the DAAD will present the award during the banquet at the GSA Annual Conference on October 8, 2010, in Oakland, California (Oakland Convention Center).

Höhn's most recent publications include Over There: Living with the U.S. Military Empire (co-edited/authored with Seungsook Moon, Duke University Press, 2010) and “A Breath of Freedom”: The Civil Rights Struggle, African American GIs, and Germany (co-authored with Martin Klimke, Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming October 2010, www.breathoffreedom.org).

Her award-winning article is available online at: www.aacvr-germany/onlinepub

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